Let It Go

More often than not, it seems that people try to fix what cannot be fixed; whether that be situations, acts or deeds. Although, I feel, at times, we must let go. We need to learn to wave off the impulse of trying to fix things that are beyond our control.

I mean, imagine a scenario where you’re planning a legendary vacation with your friends – to Las Vegas; the entertainment capital of the world. You make fabulous plans and skip through numerous Guide books.  Day and night you browse through the net reading articles on the places you can visit and the fun that you can have there.
The Casinos, The Neon signs – Ah, you’re dreaming of the perfect holiday.

A multitude of sleepless nights, and tonnes of chewed up nails later, the day finally dawns. You pick  your already packed bag and catch your morning flight. Unfortunately though, you’re travelling a day later than your friends due to prior obligations.

Sometime during the evening, the plane lands, and the stewardess wakes you up and says in her beautiful tone –  ‘Welcome to Mauritius.’

“MAURITIUS?” you scream.  What does she mean by Mauritius?  You signed up for Vegas, and all your life you’ve dreamed of going there. Unfortunately, though, there has been a change in the flight plan and they have landed you here. A place which has a tropical coastline with mountainous hills. A  country which is home to some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna. But it’s not Vegas.

It’s a different place. It’s not bad. It doesn’t stink. You’re not worse off; you’ve just been handed with something unexpected.
So you’ll have to go browse through other Guide books, and read more articles. You’ll have to go sailing instead of gambling, and you’ll get to sleep by the shimmering Sun than by the flickering neon posts. Also, you’ll meet a whole new bunch of people you would never have met anywhere else.

Contrary to Vegas, it’ll be dreamy and passive and less flamboyant. But after a while, you’ll get used to it.  A time will come when you’ll realize that Mauritius’ claim of being a tropical paradise isn’t flawed. I mean it has Kestrels and Parakeets. And Geckos and Giant Tortoises!

And then your holiday is over, and you have to go back to work. All your friends tell you that they missed you in Vegas–and they all gloat about what a wonderful time they had there.

Then you give out a huge sigh. Because that’s where you had wanted to go ever since you were small. And the loss of a dream is very painful. But if you spend the rest of your life lamenting over your bereaved dream, then you’re not really living it to the fullest, are you?

Frankly, I’m not denying the fact that we all live in a world with preconceived ideals. We judge others and even ourselves on who we are and how we live and if we achieve our dreams or no. But we also need to know that sometimes, some things are not in our hands.

Sometimes, it’s best to let go. Because as we waste our breath complaining about our life, someone out there is breathing their last.


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