Leave What’s Bitter and Move on.


So this is in response to yesterday’s Writing Challenge. It’s a poem that I wrote a while back for a friend.
I am someone who believes in one’s ability to climb up after a fall, to overcome all adversities and walk courageously again. But most of all, I feel that we must never regret anything that we did, or anything that we went through. As John Wooden said in his biography, ‘Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court’; ‘Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.’ 

So here goes:

When time is near death,
And lot is left to be said.
But the listener is gone forever.

When you are ready to shed the mask,
To make do without the fictitious smile.
But the soul that understands has left.

When you realize you were just a pawn,
In the endless game of life.
But no one can be blamed, but yourself.

When even in the rain,
It’s your tears that make you wet.
And you can hide no more.

When your heart is drained,
Not an ounce of patience is left.
And your saturation point has been attained.

When all you can think of is giving up,
When your heart is filled with deep regrets,
And all you want is to rewind and start again.

But, Regret your past, you musn’t,
As that is what has moulded you to what you are today,
And what you will remain, until tomorrow.

Regret your past, you musn’t,
Knowing, whatever you did,
Was what you desired the most then.


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