The Sacred Dilemma

As I may or may not say to the Lord on Judgment Day, “You ask a lot of questions for someone who has so much explaining to do.” – Robert Brault.

The debate concerning the existence of God, is one of the oldest and most discussed debates in human history. I agree, I am no expert on philosophy, but having studied Science for majority of my high-school years, I have somewhat developed the attitude of inadvertently questioning everything.

So here goes:

Gently, I keep praying and anticipating the day,
The day when destiny will unfold it’s intention.
I had envisaged luxury, and euphoria aplenty,
But witnessed distress and melancholy instead.

Lord, I too am a progeny of thy radiant light,
Do I deserve to be concealed by the night?
I wish to wander from the adjudicated path,
I desire to travel on a route of my own making.

You bestowed upon me the boon of agony,
The crown of constant struggles,
But I still retained hope.

Lord, Thy supposed magnum opus fathers havoc.
Annihilation, extirpation and deceit have become commonplace.
You benevolently forgive, I’ve heard;
But do these acts deserve forgiveness?

The rich get richer, while the destitute get poorer,
To make more money everyone is eager.
When celebrities die, even angels are affected,
Society is unmoved when the poor are dead.

Ruminating thus,
A question arises:
God, the Lord over all creation,
Or God, a well-authored fiction?


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