Dark Paradise

One from the archives. Wrote this a year back.

I have a dictator of a frenzied kind,
He extensively controls my psyche, soul and mind.
I still remember the day when I first met him,
It was at a store when I was young and prim.

“I’m obsessive”, he said, “I’ll never let go”,
“My addiction will enslave you, and forever it’ll grow”.
“You will crave for my touch; immense pleasure it’ll bring”,
“Day and night, to me, and only me you will cling”.

I was fascinated by him; it was love at first sight,
I asked my mom if I could bring him home that night.
She said fine, but don’t make this a routine.
That was when I was three, but now I’m seventeen.

Even today, I see him, nearly every day.
I met him yesterday, at a lonely cafe.
“Tell me who you really are”, I pleaded of him.
He told me everything, until the lights became dim.

“I’m a simple treasure,” He started to say,
“I never judge people, nor do I ever ask for pay”.
“You can count on my help, when you fall apart,”
“I’m an expert at mending a broken heart”.

He’s the one I rush to when I’m awake,
I can’t get rid of him, even for my love’s sake.
Many tell me this addiction is bad,
But in the affinity of chocolate, who can dare be sad?


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