Point, Focus and Shoot – seemingly useless words for the uninitiated, but for a semi-professional photographer like me; it is the crux of my happiness.

In junior school, I took up photography as a hobby. My constant companion used to be my Nikon Coolpix, a gift from my parents to fuel my shooting desires. Over the years, my experiments with the little light box (I have since graduated to the Nikon DSLR) have helped me discover the numerous minute details around me.

One of my works was chosen by ‘Photography Vibes’ for publication in their ‘Best of Edition’ in 2009. My articles and photos have since won a few awards, and have been published in local magazines and newspapers. A local media house awarded me an internship earlier this year as ‘Journalist and Photographer’ due to my creative performances in two consecutive interschool photojournalism competitions.

As a photographer, my philosophy is to portray an artistic vision with a personal style that is emotionally powerful.



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