Good Ol’ Days – The Cable Nerds.

My friends and I started a new band titled ‘The Cable Nerds’ and this is our first (stop-motion) lyric video.

I wrote the lyrics for this song, and also did video illustrations, writing and photography.

Amol Jacob was in-charge of music and vocals.

Ajin Tom, on the other hand, was responsible for song mixing and video making.

Here are the lyrics:

Good Ol’ Days – The Cable Nerds
(Lyrics by Nishad Sanzagiri)

Beneath the deep blue sky,
The love of man flourishes.
Tributaries merge to form rivers,
And they in turn oceans build.

Chorus – Since I was a kid, I waited till holiday come.
I’d stop by a shop to get a rose.
She’d flood my soul with her charm and beauty.
Making my life worth living.

Beneath the deep blue sky,
The horizon kisses the sea.
The eternal thirst of his heart quenched;
The sky slowly smiles at me.

From heaven to earth,
We walk her hand in mine,
Rays of the sun caress her cheeks,
The moon reddens with jealousy.

Beneath the deep blue sky,
Dew drops spill on flowers,
Swaying creepers; making merry.
I give my heart to someone I love.


The Story of My Life – A Song.

A few days after my final exams got over and I was finally free of my academic obligations, I penned a few verses in memory of my grandmother. I imagined myself in the shoes of my grandfather and tried to picture the extent of his loss.

I then asked a musician friend of mine (Amol Jacob) to transform the verses into a song.  Hats off to Amol for giving a very soothing melody and for lending his voice to the song.

Special thanks to Ajin Tom for single-handedly helping us in the mixing.

You can listen to the song here.

And here are the lyrics:

The Story of My Life
(Lyrics by Nishad Sanzagiri)

The dread of this place never ends,
Songs of your memories replay in my head,
Our walks, our talks, our laughs, our cries –
Are now the story of my life.

Chorus: I don’t know why I can’t let it go,
I want you to come back to me.
Really want to call you mine.
I want to relive everything again.

This hymn – A tale of anguish;
A memoir of pain and suffering.
A message to that soul who changed;
The story of my life.

Those fluttering butterflies; the fresh springs
And the dancing amidst the flowers.
We rested in those woods – to rise again; a new,
Wish that was the story of my life.

The day I first saw you,
I knew you would be the one.
You were and always will be –
The story of my life.

Every day from dawn to dusk,
I cry to the tunes of the songs you sang for me.
The insecurity grips; chokes my life out –
That’s the story of my life.

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